Video Ministries

Sierra Vista SDA Church Video Ministries:
1984-10-11, Music Service - Praise the Lord - New Earth
2011-05-07, Study in the Garden: Worship Team 
2011-05-08, Study in the Garden: Tony - Sabbath School
2011-05-09, Study in the Garden: Stephanie Rose - Priestly Garments of Grace
2012-03-22, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Our Sin Delivering Savior - Pastor Dennis Smith
2012-03-23, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - God's Call Today - Pastor Dennis Smith
2012-03-24, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Emotional Sealing Pt. 2 - Pastor Dennis Smith
2016-07-09, Trust - Steve Spooner
2016-07-16, Breath of the Soul Part 3
2018-10-12, The Truth that Transforms the World - Dr. Tim Riesenberger

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Oakhill SDA Church Video Ministries:

2012 Videos:
2012-11-03, Principles of Education, Dr. Ruth Horton 

2013 Videos:
2013-06-01, The Voice of God, Elder Jay Ellington
2013-07-06, How Different are They that Crucified Christ - Elder Jay Ellington
2013-07-13, Middle East Trip - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2013-08-10, The Encourager - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2013-09-01, The Voice, Elder Jay Ellington

2014 Videos: 
2014-01-18, Loosing Your Grip on God, Elder Larry Pipes

2015 Videos: 
2015-02-07, Trials and Seperation, Elder Richard Wical
2015-06-20, Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore, Elder Richard Wical 
2015-06-27, Remember Those in Prison, Elder Larry Barker
2015-07-18, Blessed are those who forget, Elder Dave Wendler 
2015-07-04, What can the righteous do?, Elder Jay Ellington 
2015-08-29, The Truth Satan Hates the Most, Elder Dave Wendler  
2015-09-05, All He Ever Wanted, Elder Jay Ellington
2015-09-12, The Next Thousand Years - Elder James Brown 
2015-09-26, Blind Spots - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2015-10-03, Abominable - Elder Jay Ellington
2015-10-17, The Breath of Life - Elder Dave Wendler
2015-10-24, Mind Over Body - Pastor Dale Barnhurst  
2015-10-31, Stand Your Ground - Elder Richard Wical
2015-11-07, The Crying Stones - Elder Jay Ellington 
2015-11-14, Partnership Incredible - Pastor Dale Barnhurst
2015-11-21, Revisiting the 3rd Commandment - Elder Tim Lofink 
2015-11-28, Parade of Thankfulness - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2015-12-05, The Madrigal Singers Musical - Highland High School
2015-12-12, Jesus - Our Focus - Pastor Dale Barnhurst
2015-12-19, A Joyful Christian Life - Elder Richard Wical 
2015-12-26, Barren to Beautiful - Elder Dave Wendler 

2016 Videos:
2016-01-02, Growing in Christ - Elder Tim Lofink
2016-01-09, These Watched Him Die - Centurian - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2016-01-16, Promise in a folder Handkerchief - Elder Jay Ellington 
2016-01-23, Religous Freedom - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2016-01-30, Barren to Bountiful - Elder Dave Wendler 
2016-02-06, Promise in a Stone Temple - Elder Jay Ellington
2016-02-13, Loving God's Way - Part 1 - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2016-02-20, The Cup - Elder Tim Lofink
2016-02-27, Loving God's Way - Part 2 - Pastor Dale Barnhurst
2016-03-05, Sealed Up Forever - Elder Jay Ellington 
2016-03-12, Testamonies from Eygpt - Pastor Ron Clark 
2016-03-19, Looking for Love - Elder Richard Wical 
2016-03-26, Loving God's Way - Part 3 - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 
2016-04-02, Where Has Honor Gone - Elder Jay Ellington
2016-04-09, These Watched Him Die: Judas - Pastor Dale Barnhurst
2016-04-16, Don't Look Back; Stay Seperated - Elder Dave Wendler 
2016-04-23, Hold Your Peace or Press Release - David Steward 
2016-05-21, Cracking the Code - Baptisms - Pastor Dale Barnhurst 

Albuquerque Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

2016 Videos: 
2016-04-02, Thay You May Know - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-04-09, The Sufficiency of Grace, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-04-23, God's Handiwork, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-04-30, The Perfection Trap, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-08-06, An Entitlement Problem, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-08-20, Filling the Storehouse, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-10-29, Lost and Found, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-11-12, The Christian Soldier, Johnny Mata 
2016-11-19, One Man's Trash, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-11-26, Extreme Makeover: From Rags to Righteousness, Pastor Bill Kasper
2016-12-03, Proven Faithful, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-12-10, What's Your Excuse? Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-12-10, 25th Annual Festival of Lights - Part 1 
2016-12-10, 25th Annual Festival of Lights - Part 2 
2016-12-24, Twas the Night Before Jesus Came, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2016-12-31, How to Get Rich, Pastor Bill Kasper 

2017 Videos: 

2017-01-14, The Art of Following: The Definition of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-01-21, A Sacrifice of Self: The Cost of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-01-28, Of Fishing and Farming: The Work of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-02-04, Proof in the Fruit: The Evidence of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-02-11, Dedicated to God - Johnny Mata 
2017-02-18, Strong and Dependent: The Power of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-02-25, Like a Child: The Attitude of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper
2017-03-04, In One Accord: The Unity of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper
2017-03-11, Joy, Brian Gerry
2017-03-18, Finally Home: The Result of Discipleship, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-03-25, You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Johnny Mata
2017-04-01, Healing, Peter Pribis
2017-04-08, Worship in Reverence, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-04-15, Worship in Praise, Pastor Bill Kasper  
2017-04-22, Worship in Prayer, Pastor Bill Kasper  
2017-04-29, Worship in Giving, Pastor Bill Kasper  
2017-05-06, Worship in Doing, Pastor Bill Kasper  
2017-05-27, From Gangs to God, Richard Halverson 
2017-06-17, Guaranteed Sirtual Growth, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-06-24, Walking with Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-07-08, Talking with Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-07-15, Experiencing Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-07-22, Godly Sorrow, Johnny Mata 
2017-07-29, Depending on Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-08-05, Sharing Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-08-19, Forgiving Like Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-08-26, Living for Jesus, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-09-09, Left Behind, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-09-16, Letter from an Old Man, David Pierson 
2017-09-23, No Shirt - No Shoes - No Salvation, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-09-30, It's Midnight and You're Out of Gas, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-10-07, How a Grinch Stole Christians, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-10-21, In One Accord, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-10-28, Your Attention Please, Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-11-04, It's Not Who YOU Know, Pastor Bill Kasper
2017-11-11, True Sacrifice, Johnny Mata NEW 
2017-11-18, Revival in Lost Scrolls - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-11-25, What God Requires - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-12-02, To Be a Better Neighbor - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2017-12-16, Afraid of the Dark - Jeff Metherell 
2017-12-23, A Gift of Time - Pastor Bill Kasper
2017-12-30, A Joy-full Time - Pastor Bill Kasper 

2018 Videos:
2018-01-06, A Very Laodicean Problem - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-01-20, Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse - Pastor Bill Kasper
2018-01-27, Good News for the Poor and Pitiful - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-02-03, A Cure for the Visually Impaired - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-02-10, You Are My Hiding Place - Johnny Mata 
2018-02-17, Becoming Dressed for Success - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-03-03, The Coming King - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-03-10, A Call to Stand - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-03-31, The Good Samaritan Today - Abby Pribisova 
2018-04-07, Buckle Up - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-04-14, Where Your Heart Is - Johnny Mata 
2018-04-21, Guard Your Heart - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-04-28, Beautiful Feet: Unashamed - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-05-05, All This: From a Mustard Seed - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-05-12, No Worry About Tomorrow - Johnny Mata  
2018-05-19, No More Mind Games - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-05-26, Thoroughly Equipped - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-06-02, God's Almost Forgotten Weapon - Pastor Bill Kasper
2018-06-16, Judgement Has Come - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-06-23, Its All About the Loveseat - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-06-30, The True Price of Full Payment - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-07-07, Escaping the Destroyer - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-07-14, Last Words from the Sermon on the Mount - Johnny Mata 
2018-07-21, Living Pentecostal - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-07-28, The Greatest Day of Your Life - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-08-04, The Celebration of God - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-08-11, Our Mission - Abby Pribosova 
2018-08-18, Understanding the Detour - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-08-25, Facing Your Dead Ends - Pastor Bill Kasper 
2018-09-08, Never Thirst Again - Pastor Bill Kasper
2018-09-15, Quest for Peace - Tracy Metherell 
2018-09-22, Rehab the Faithful - Brian Geery
2018-09-29, The Importance of Fellowship - Pastor Bill Kasper NEW
2018-10-06, The Best Gift - Claudio Consuegra NEW
2018-10-13, Poisoned - Pastor Bill Kasper NEW
2018-10-20, Blessings of Balaam - Johnny Mata NEW
2018-10-27, A Case Study of Thrive - Russ Laughlin NEW
2018-11-03, No More Excuses - Pastor Bill Kasper NEW
2018-11-17, Pathfinder Induction Service - Ricardo Barata NEW

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