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The sermon livestream begins every Saturday at 11:00 AM with a nature picture slideshow (no audio).

The actual sermon should begin between 11:20 AM and 11:40 AM.




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Hang in There

Wayne Kooser

Many think that they don't need church to be a Christian, but observe how well a coal stays lit when it is removed from the fire.....




Why I am Still a Seventh-day Adventist

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell outlines, from the Bible, the reasons to be an Adventist, a believer in the second coming of Jesus.




The Best Is Yet To Come!

Joedy Melashenko

Joedy describes the wonderful things that God has in store for us in the new heaven and the new earth.

This sermon is presentation #9 of the "Discover the Heart of God" seminar series.  For all the videos in this seminar click here.



Would You Rather be Accused of Murder?

Joedy Melashenko

Joedy tells the story of how God has gone through character assassination by Satan.






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