2019 Sermons

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June 1, 2019

Jesus' Purpose Driven Ministry

Pastor David Moore

There was a specific purpose behind each one of Jesus' miracles, however, Jesus' timing doesn't always match our timing expectations but that doesn't mean that He isn't still working.




June 8, 2019

Where Are All The Elders?

Arnie Suntag

After the Israelites made it to the promised land, after Joshua and his elders/leaders died, the Israelites turned from God because a new generation of elders had not been trained to lead the people. Today are we modeling the behavior that God wants and needs in leaders and are we training our children to be God-led leaders?



June 22, 2019


Steve Spooner

The story of Ruth tells how a near kinsman redeemed her so that she and Naomi had an inheritance. Similarly, God has redeemed us, through Jesus, so that we have an inheritance.





July 7, 2019

Troubled Hearts

Pastor David Moore

There is no shortage of worries now days. Jesus tells us to seek His kingdom first and He will take care of us. The difficulties we go through could be preparing us for future events.




July 13, 2019

Drought Ended

Steve Spooner

There is a spiritual drought of unity in the church. When that drought ends the latter rain of the Holy Spirit will come.




July 20, 2019

Amazing Love

Pastor David Moore

God's love can reach people through the prayers of others.




July 27, 2019


Isadore Evans

We are all far from perfect but God can take our trials and failures and turn them into pearls.





August 3, 2019

Making His Presence Felt

Pastor David Moore

To be effective witnesses for Christ we need to keep our witnessing "tools" sharp. What are some of those tools?




August 10, 2019

The Father

Steve Spooner

If you knew the Father likes Jesus knows the Father you would love the Father like Jesus loves the Father.




August 17, 2019

Run Your Race

James Hail

The apostle Paul instructs us to put away sin in preparation to withstand increased persecution that is coming.




August 24, 2019

Treaty With Gibeon

Isadore Evans

The Gibeonites were very clever and deceived the Israelites into making a treaty with them. The devil tries to deceive us into sinning too so we must always be alert.



August 31, 2019

The Road to Forgiveness

Arnie Suntag

If we're not already, we need to be following Jesus' directions on conflict resolution.





September 7, 2019

The Peacemakers

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore shares inspirational stories of how God worked to bring reconciliation between people and groups.




September 14, 2019

The Song of Moses and the Lamb

Steve Spooner

Steve Spooner recounts the life of Moses and explains the meaning of the song of Moses and the Lamb.




September 21, 2019

A Gift of the Spirit

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore talks about how the gift of prophecy was manifest in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.




September 28, 2019

Poor in Spirit!

Isadore Evans

Mr. Evans unpacks what Jesus meant when he said "blessed are the poor in spirit" and the practical implications for living the Christian life today.




October 5, 2019

When I Think of the Cross

Pastor David Moore

Mr. Evans unpacks what Jesus meant when he said "blessed are the poor in spirit" and the practical implications for living the Christian life today.




October 12, 2019 


Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner explores the benefits of self-discipline.




October 19, 2019

Cisterns, Wells, Living Water

Elaine Kimmich

Elaine Kimmich explores Jesus' unorthodox approach to reaching the Samaritans with Living Water (the gospel) through the encounter with the woman at a well.



October 26, 2019

Restoring Our Losses

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale explores the story of Ruth, providing cultural context and emphasizing the selflessness of various characters in the story.




November 2, 2019

Redemptive Suffering

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore encourages us to keep Jesus' death on the cross central when we are going through difficult times.




November 11, 2019


Steve Spooner

Good news for Laodicea! Jesus is offering to help you.




November 16, 2019

The Strength of Meekness

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore talks about the need to be meek illustrating the point with a video of a personal testimony.




November 23, 2019

The Miracle School

Arnie Suntag

Arnie Suntag recounts how God led and blessed in the establishing of the Cochise Seventh-day Adventist School in Bisbee.




November 30, 2019

Fully Satisfied

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore explores the fourth beatitude and how Jesus turns our expectations upside down.





December 14, 2019

The New Israel

 Alvin Schnell

Mr. Schnell reviews the uses of the name "Israel" in the Bible.




December 21, 2019

Joseph's Story

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale shares thoughts on Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.




December 21, 2019

Mary's Story

Kelaine Nick

Kelaine Nick shares thoughts on Mary, the mother of Jesus.




December 28, 2019

The Angels' Song

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale shares additional meaning in the song that the angels sang to the shepherds.