2021 Sermons

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A New Day Dawning

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell discusses Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil, what it means and it's connections back to the Old Testament.




Glad Tidings

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Paul preached good news to the dejected congregation in Antioch-Pisidia, all the ancient promises have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. That's good news for us today too!




The Eyes Have It

Pastor Jim Brackett

Pastor Brackett explains, with pictures and diagrams, how amazing God's creation of the eye is.





Gospel and Day of Atonement

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell explores the Day of Atonement, or The Day of Judgement, and the good news that it holds for us.





Broom Handles, Broom Corn, Wire and Screws

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell describes the wonders and miracle of creation.





You Must Be Born Again & Again & Again

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner suggests that we need to be born again, not just once, but every day.





The Faith of Jesus

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Faith, obedience, works, the gospel, justification, sanctification. Pastor Schnell explains how all the parts fit together.




Trouble Ahead?

Wayne Kooser

Yes, the Bible tells us that a severe trial is coming just before Jesus comes but letting God see us through the trials of everyday life will help prepare us for the end times.






Pastor Alvin Schnell

Jesus' great commission to all His followers is to "go". The commission is to all of us, not just pastors and evangelists.




Angels Message

Robert Villegas

Mr. Villegas explores the meaning of the phrase "everlasting gospel" used in the three angels' message in Revelation.




The Order of Salvation

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell speaks of the organization of the roles of the triune Godhead with emphasis on the Holy Spirit and who He focuses us on.




The Ugly Dog

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale tells the story of the ugly dog that he adopted in Borneo and how it parallels what Jesus wants His relationship to be with us.





God's Eternal Purpose

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell provides an inspirational walk through the scriptures to understand the depth and magnitude of the passion, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son within whom all the fullness of the Godhead dwells.



Gambling At The Cross

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner proposes that it's our attitude the determines what we get out of the worship service using those who were present at Jesus' crucifixion as examples.




O How He Loves You And Me

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell preaches on the assurance of salvation.





Remember Lot's Wife

Wayne Kooser

Mr. Kooser recounts the background and story of Lot's wife, reminding us that Jesus warned us to "remember Lot's wife."





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Will The True Rest Please Stand Up

Jim Brackett

Mr. Brackett discusses the "rest" mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments and how it applies to our lives in Christ.




The Judgement Hour

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale addresses whether God's judgement is good news or bad news for us.





Jesus Saves

Tom Kingsbury

Mr. Kingsbury, an Adventist World Radio representative, tells inspirational stories of how Jesus has reached people's lives in the most unlikeliest of places.




A Mighty Revival Coming

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell talks about the great religious revival, the latter rain, that God will soon commence on this earth and also the counterfeit revival that Satan will bring in opposition to God's true revival.






The Knowledge Of Evil

Pastor Alvin Schnell

A "final atonement" is needed in our lives to prepare us for Jesus' second coming.





Change Me

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner analyzes the motivations of the multitudes, in John 6, that wanted to crown Jesus king. They wanted Jesus to change their circumstances rather than desiring Jesus to change themselves.




Did God Make A Good Investment?

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell shares thoughts on salvation through Jesus alone.





The Road To Forgiveness

Arnie Suntag

Mr. Suntag shares amazing stories of forgiveness and how God can help us forgive those who have wronged us.






Where Will We Stand?

Pastor Alvin Schnell

The events happening in the world remind us that Jesus is coming soon and that we need to live ready for His coming.




Dead Dogs And Crippled Hearts

Wayne Kooser

Wayne shares how much God cares for us even though we are unworthy of it. He pulls from the story of King David and his kindness for Mephibosheth the son of the king's good friend Jonathan.




The Healing Saviour

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell tells how our loving Saviour wants us to be healthy and is willing to heal, including giving us natural remedies to help in that healing.




What's In Your Hand?

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale uses stories from the Bible to remind us that God can use even our minimal abilities and possessions when we allow Him to.






Lord, Be Merciful To Me

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell talks about how the familiarity of the people of Nazareth with Jesus resulted in them rejecting him. Likewise we need to be careful that we don't do the same thing in our lives. We need God's grace just as much as those we are trying to reach.




When God Says 'No'

Steve Spooner

NOTE that the sermon begins almost 40 minutes in to the video.

Steve pulls back the curtain on trials that come to good people and that it isn't because God is mad or doesn't love His children anymore....



Grace Abounding

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell reiterates that we are not saved by our own good works but by God's grace through Christ's death on the cross. So then, what role do good works play in our walk with Christ?





Jim Miller

Jim shares about how to live the abundant life.






So, What Happens Next? (Part 1)

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell starts his two-part series on who/what the "abomination of desolation" is.





Priceless Pearls From The Persecuted

Julia O'Carey

Julia shares stories from the mission field to help us grow closer to Jesus even if we live a peaceful life.





Law-giver And Savior

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Listen as Pastor Schnell gives a wonderful sermon on the personal decision for Christ that each one of us are called to make daily and in these end times. Praise God for His Word and for the Holy Spirit in our hearts strengthening us to do good works for His glory.




The Day

Steve Hamous

Mr. Hamous compares the actions of the high priest on the Day of Atonement to Jesus' actions for us.






It's Our Day

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell unpacks how to have the Bible interpret itself.






Steve Spooner

Steve explains the effects of interested, or rather 'disinterested' friendship which accepts and appreciates a person just because they are God's creation.




Christ's Last Appeal

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell presents an amazing sermon on preparing for the end times. In his sermon he parallels the city of Jerusalem with us today.




The God of Miracles

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale tells a few miracle stories to illustrate God's interest in us is and that there are still miracles even if we don't see them every day.




Cities of Refuge

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale talks about how God set up the Cities of Refuge in Israel to protect those who accidently killed another and how there are applicable lessons for us today in this concept.






Nothing Between

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner shares about forgiveness of others out of love for them, not for anything less, that is what Jesus would do.




A Changed Life

Jim Miller

Jim, along with his friend Ray, share stories and words from the Bible about the amazing grace of our God.





Field School

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale talks about his experiencing with gardening, how it aligns with the parable of the sower that Jesus told and the spiritual truths it conveys.






Don't Get It Twisted

Dr. Rupert Buschner Jr.

We each have choices, don't twist them up! What is your choice today? Dr. Buschner unpacks the how and why.




What Is God Planning For You?

Wayne Kooser

Mr. Kooser shares the wonderful good news of what God is preparing for us when Jesus returns to take us home with Him.