2020 Sermons

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January 4, 2020

The Resiliency of Jesus

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore relates hardships that Abraham Lincoln had to endure throughout his life and how that enabled him to be empathetic for another's loss. How much more then can Jesus support us in the hardships that we face.



January 11, 2020

Fleeing to Tarshish

Steve Spooner

Steve Spooner applies the story of Jonah to our own lives how we may have fled like Jonah did and how God has given each of us another chance too.




January 18, 2020

Straight Talk About the Narrow Walk

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore presents the realization, that he came to over many years, that through the beatitudes Jesus is instructing us how to walk in the narrow way and the surprising truth that it is not all about rules and regulations.



January 25, 2020

Paid in Full

James Hail

James Hail invites us to appreciate Jesus' sacrifice more fully.





February 1, 2020

The Incalculable Christ

by Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore talks about the trials, the tests, that we go through and God's greatest demonstration of love.




February 8, 2020

The Gospel According to Jonah

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale draws a parallel between the story of the storm upon the sea in the book of Jonah and the gospel.




February 15, 2020

The Cross of Christ

Pastor David Moore

The goal for our lives is to focus on Jesus. Pastor Moore explores what the focus of Jesus' life was.




February 22, 2020


by Isadore Evans

Mr. Evans addresses what we classify as interruptions in our lives and how they just might be from God.




February 29, 2020

The Sure Word

Elder James Hail

Mr. Hail guides us through the church's position on Ellen G. White as the spirit of prophecy that is mentioned in the Bible.





March 7, 2020

A Case of Mistaken Identity

by Nicole Mattson

Mrs. Mattson relates how Satan, in so many ways, is shaping the identity of our kids and how we all need to work together with our kids to instill in them an identity anchored in Jesus.




March 14, 2020

Jonah - Learning to Love

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner show us, through the story of Jonah, how great God's love is for all of us and how Jonah needed to learn that truth too.




March 21, 2020

Sara's Vase and Bula's Poem

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore talks about growing in righteousness by building on the Rock.




March 28, 2020

What the Prudent Do

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale shares advice for dealing with and relating to the coronavirus crisis. Please excuse us as we had a couple of technical issues recording this presentation but in the end no presented material was omitted.





April 4, 2020

Crucial Love

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore encourages us to practice Jesus' love in our relationships and talks about what to do in an abusive relationship.




April 11, 2018

Doors of Opportunity

Alvin Schnell

Mr. Schnell reminds us that Christ coming has never been nearer and between now and then there are three doors of opportunity available to us.




April 18, 2020

You Are My Hiding Place

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore explores the parallels between Jesus' beatitudes and Psalm 32 and Jesus' great desire to extend us forgiveness like He did to David after David's affair with Bathsheba.




April 25, 2020

Such a Time as This

Elder James Hail

Mr. Hail encourages us to take advantage of this time in history that is given us to encourage and reach others as Esther was able to take advantage of her position as Queen to save many Jewish lives.





May 2, 2020

Behold the Lamb

Pastor David Moore

Jesus, the Lamb of God, provides us assurance of salvation and of His soon return.




May 9, 2020

Christ Cares

Steve Spooner

Steve Spooner uses the story of the healing of the man at the Pool of Bethesda to teach us about Christ's care for us, both our healing and our growth.




May 16, 2020

The Bleeding Lamb

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore explores the image of the Bleeding Lamb and it's centrality to the Book of Revelation and our own lives.




May 23, 2020

Interruptions II

Isadore Evans

Mr. Evans speaks again about interruptions and how God can use them as time outs to effect course corrections in our lives.




May 30, 2020

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Tom Kingsbury

Inspirational stories from Adventist World Radio (AWR), reaching those who are "troubled by many things" because they are without Jesus.





June 6, 2020

Follow the Lamb

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore relates his favorite Bible story, the story of Abraham and Isaac, and how we should focus on the Lamb.




June 13, 2020

WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)

Elder James Hail

James Hail points to the story of Jesus and the woman at the well as demonstrating Jesus' focus on social activism. As followers of Jesus we should follow his example.




June 20, 2020

Treasured In Our Hearts

Pastor David Moore

Pastor Moore relates events in Mary's, the mother of Jesus, life and other people's lives of how God worked in various ways in their lives. These treasured events inspire us in our walk and witness for Jesus.




June 27, 2020

Encounters With Blindness

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale provides fascinating insights into puzzling aspects of Jesus' healing of two different blind men.





July 4, 2020

Character Lives Matter

by Elder James Hail

Our character is the only thing we will take to heaven. As Christians our character needs to be the same as the Father's character including his concern for the oppressed.




July 11, 2020

Love Takes Time

Steve Spooner

Meaningful and lasting relationships take a regular investment of time.




July 18, 2020


Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale points out the many parallels between leprosy, in Jesus' day, and sin and how Jesus' sacrifice brings healing of sin to all of us who are incurable sinners.




July 25, 2020

Present Truth Is Not Always Pleasant Truth

Elder James Hail

God's messages are always appropriate and are evidence of His love and justice even if they come by way of something unpleasant or unexpected.





August 1, 2020

The Fall of Jericho

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

It's faith, not good works or bad works, that determine our salvation.




August 8, 2020

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Elder James Hail

Elder Hail explores the identity of the King of the North, it's role at the end of time and it's attempt to divide God's people.




August 15, 2020

Deep Answers To Deep

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell outlines how God is calling deep from His heart to find the deep in our heart. Won't you give yourself to Him today?




August 22, 2020

Interruptions 3

Elder Isadore Evans

Isadore reminds us of the power of faith- that faith is only truly evident in the believer that acts on it. We all say "I believe, I believe" to the great stories of the Gospel, but are we acting on that faith. Isadore uses the example of Jonah, when Jonah was moved to preach to Nineveh, and the example of Cornelius in Acts, when Cornelius was moved to send his servants to Peter- to hear the Word!


August 29, 2020

Rescue From Above

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale relates two rescue stories that have parallels to our waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ.





September 5, 2020

Who Will You Worship

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell talks about the difference and power of Christianity versus other religions.




September 12, 2020

You Can Live Forever

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner explores the three words that John emphasizes in the first chapter of John which are "word", "light", and "life".




September 19, 2020

Airman Follows the Signs

Wayne Kooser

Mr. Kooser tells how he became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and how God worked for him during the remainder of his time in the military.




September 26, 2020

The Mystery of Iniquity

Steve Hamous

Mr. Hamous looks into the meaning of "iniquity" in the Bible and what it means for our relationship with Christ.





October 3, 2020

In Christ

Pastor Alvin Schnell

As we see events that could usher in the end of time we need to make sure that we are in Christ.




October 10, 2020

The Walls of Jericho

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale takes us on a slide tour of the excavations of the city of Jericho and explains how the archeological evidence supports the Biblical account of the fall of Jericho.




October 17, 2020

Greatest Story Ever Told

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell reminds us of God's great love and mercy extended to us.





October 24, 2020

Interruptions 4

Isadore Evans

Mr. Evans presents lessons in grace, God's grace to us, God's grace to others and our grace toward others.





November 7, 2020

Learning to Lean

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell shares thoughts on baptism, communion and our relationship with Jesus.




Just Taking Care of Business

Nicole Mattson

Nicole makes the distinction between what it means to be tired and weary and how leaning on God can keep us from becoming weary even if we become tired.




A New Thing

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell tells us about the new heart that God wants to give us and to make us new people.





A New Creature

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Jim tells the story of Dave and how the Holy Spirit transformed Dave.






A New Thing, Part 2

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell expounds on the good news of justification and on the importance of sanctification too.






Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner explores the tender and tough qualities of Jesus and how these need to be exhibited in the Christian's life too.




Christmas Program

Christmas program with various readings and instrumental selections.






A New Thing, Part 3

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Among other things the concept of salvation by faith has been "a new thing" throughout the centuries.