2022 Sermons

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For Such A Time As This

Pastor Alvin Schnell

The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are meant for our encouragement and for our preparation for the second coming of Jesus. Time is short we need to reach others with the gospel.




Andrew, The Ordinary

Steve Spooner

Steve Spooner presents Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter. He was the first one to bring the good news message of the Messiah to his brother Peter. The title of the sermon alludes to the fact that Andrew, although a humble fisherman like his brother, was able to do extraordinary things! Likewise, if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, we can do extraordinary things. Let us open our hearts and minds to the Word of God, just like Andrew opened His heart and mind, so that the Spirit can use us for great things!


Made Like to His Brethren

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell shares how great, how humble, and how full of love our God is to come and be made like us.





Light and Heavy

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale talks about the meaning behind the Hebrew words for "light" and "heavy" and its significance in God's interactions with us and its significance in not only our walk of faith here but in our lives in Heaven and the New Earth too.



The Ladder Problem

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Are you trying to earn salvation by your own good works and behavior? Good News! It's all about Jesus!






Entering His Rest

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell explains that entering God's rest is more about not doing than doing.





The Power of Forgiveness

Wayne Kooser

Mr. Kooser relates how generous God is in forgiving us our sins and how we need to emulate that same beautiful trait in our relationships with others.




Doing What We Can

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Alvin encourages children to reach for the stars, but also do what they can where they are, right here, right now.




Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

Steve Hamous

Mr. Hamous recounts the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and notes the lessons in their stories for us.







Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell expounds on how Jesus is God and how we can depend on Him for everything because He is everything.




Faith in Christ Our Righteousness

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner tells us that we can be assured of salvation by just coming to Jesus.




The Family of God

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell talks about wellbeing in the family of God. He talks about the love that the God Head possessed that would persuade Them to come and make such a huge sacrifice.




What Is Your Value?

Jim Miller

Jim Miller illustrates how much we are worth in God's eyes.






Good News for Laodicea

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell gives encouragement to the church of today (Laodicea) by sharing the way to repentance and victory in Jesus.




Simon's Feast

Steve Hamous

Mr. Hamous re-tells the story of Simon's feast and how Jesus had worked in the lives of several attendees and how He can work in our lives if we trust in Him.




The Mystery of Godliness

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

What is God's mystery? Grace! Listen as Pastor Jim tells about that grace.





The Tug-of-War Between Fear and Faith

Arnie Suntag

Mr. Suntag talks about how we need to have faith in God rather than fear in all that's going on around us.





The Fundamentals of Prayer

Pastor Moe Zonke

Paster Zonke shares 4 important aspects of prayer that will improve our relationship with our Father in heaven.






Our God Is Able

Tom Kingsbury

Tom shares about how God is leading and using AWR to reach people anywhere at any time wherever they are.




Learning to Love

Steve Spooner

Steve shares about how we respond to God's love and grow in how we love others even those who are unlovely or unkind to us.




Our Personal Journey

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell walks us down the path of giving ourselves over to Jesus and how one's life is changed once Jesus is a part of it.






The Great Divide

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell talked about baptism. About all the small details of how it relates it to the Bible.





Celestial Rendezvous

Wayne Kooser

Wayne Kooser filled our hearts with longing to be with our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. A glimpse of the end times and the promises of our Savior conveyed the importance of studying our scripture and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming again!




The 3 P's of Pentecost

Steve Hamous

Mr. Hamous talks about the effects related to Pentecost and how they apply to our lives too.





Salvation for All

Jim Miller

Jim Miller shares about how easy it is to be saved and how much Jesus wants to save all, young and old.






The Bible of the Newspaper?

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell warns that we need to be careful when interpreting the prophecies regarding end times. As one example he points out that Jesus never prophesied that the establishment of the country of Israel is a sign of the nearness of His second coming.




What's Going on Here?

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner outlines the 4 steps that constitute a worship experience.





A Story of True Success

Pastor Ray Navarro

Pastor Navarro tells the story of Phillip who was faithful in the little things when a deacon and how God used him and grew him into an evangelist.... A story of true success, always be faithful in whatever duties you have.




Jesus in our Neighborhood

Wayne Kooser

Mr. Kooser asks us to reach out and get to know our neighbors. By doing this, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in our own neighborhoods.







Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell talks about the glorious second coming of Jesus that is drawing near.





This Great Fire (Part 1)

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale begins a 4-part series on the meaning of fire in scripture. Part 1 starts with an overview of the different ways fire is used in the Bible and ends talking about God's everlasting glory and everlasting fire.




Our Search for the Cross

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell recites some of the events of the weekend that Jesus was crucified and raised. The disciples' hopes were crushed but the events of Sunday morning brought good news to all.




The King's Highway

Jim Miller

Mr. Miller compares the highway to the Cities of Refuge in Israel with our road to heaven talking about some of the roadblocks we can encounter and how to remove them.






God's Righteousness

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Alvin shares about how to have victory in our lives through belief in Jesus.




How to Enjoy a Good Christian Experience

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner outlines 3 steps to enjoying a good Christian experience and how love is the basis for it all.







Power From On High

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Alvin tells about the power that attends one who has a connection with Jesus and is filled with the Holy Spirit. He encourages each one to spend time with their Bible each day and get to know its Author, God.




Fire - Part 2: Fire in Revelation

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale continues his sermon series on fire in the Bible. In part 2 he shows from the Bible that while God's glory destroys the wicked it is a blessing to the righteous.




Song of Solomon I

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Alvin starts a 3-part series based on the book of Song of Solomon. In part 1 Pastor Alvin talks about how the opening chapters portray God's love for us who are unworthy as sinners.




Standing Firm

Wayne Kooser

In today's world quick fixes and fast food is not enough. Mr. Kooser reminds us that we need a firm foundation in Christ.




Snares of the Fowler

Jim Miller

Mr. Miller reminds us that trusting in Jesus enables us to resist the snares of Satan.







Unusual Attitudes

Steve Hamous

Mr. Hamous shares the importance of hanging on to Jesus in the tough times, using an illustration of piloting a plane.




He Is Here

Steve Spooner

Mr. Spooner shares 5 points on what it means that God is here with us.





Song of Solomon II

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Alvin takes us through another part of the book of the Song and Solomon, expanding and illustrating it more with connections to the apostle Paul's writings and to us today.




Fire, Part 3: Fire in the Sanctuary

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

Pastor Van Arsdale continues his series on fire, this time talking about all the instances of fire in the sanctuary and briefly relating Bible stories where fire was central and what fire represented in those cases.






Whatever it Takes

Pastor Russell Lewars

Pastor Lewars challenges us to commit to being disciples rather than spectators and then do whatever it takes to be effective disciples.




Fire, Part 4: The Song of the Lamb

Pastor Jim Van Arsdale

In part 4 of Pastor Van Arsdale's series on fire he focuses on how extraordinary Jesus' sacrifice for us was.





Song of Solomon III

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell continues his series from the book of Song of Solomon. He draws various parallels including talking about our attitudes change when we realize that God loves and accepts us.




How Is Your Faith?

Jim Miller

Jim shares about faith both big and small and how to grow in that faith and walk with Jesus.





Rescue the Perishing

Pastor Alvin Schnell

Pastor Schnell informs all Christians how vital our work of discipleship is at this time. Share the gospel and share the love of Jesus Christ.